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I am here to dispell any ideas that yoga is “girly.” I’ve heard some guys use this as an excuse not to practice yoga, but that just keeps them from reaping the many benefits yoga has for guys. Yes it’s true that in yoga classes at studios the majority of attendees are women, but I hope that changes very soon. Half of my clients are men and they have gotten a lot out of a weekly yoga practice. Yoga has helped my male students to relieve back pain, ease muscle stiffness and soreness from running, and be more flexible. Ryan (above) can touch his toes now, a feat he once thought impossible!

You don’t have to wear tight clothing to practice yoga or do any embarassing poses. You don’t have to have a flowery pink mat or even chant ‘om’. You can take yoga from a athletic, philosophical or emotional standpoint. There is a lot of variety in the way yoga is practiced and there is something for everyone. Also men tend to excel in some poses that women may not come to as naturally, such as arm balances and poses that require arm strength. So guys stop making excuses and try it for yourself today and if you don’t want to go to a studio take lessons from me privately on Skype or in person. You’ll be glad you did, I promise!

Here are what some of my male students are saying:

My name is Ryan and I’m a guy, so I know what I’m talking about when I say yoga is for guys. It’s common for me to sit down at a desk all day, slowly hunching my back over a computer straining my eyes, neck & whole body in the process. Yoga has not only helped me get rid of the back pain that comes from my work, but it has also helped me to release built up stress and anxiety that accumulates throughout the work day. Also, I like to run regularly, but while that releases stress it doesn’t do much to loosen my muscles. Yoga strethches me in ways that other exercises can’t and becase of that I feel much more limber and alive in my own skin. Yoga is for guys because it addresses strains brought about by our common habits and work patterns.