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The benefits of practicing yoga are almost as innumerable as the benefits of having good health. Specifically some of the benefits you may receive from regular yoga practice are:

Physical benefits:

  • Losing weight and gaining height! (yes by strengthening your core and lengthening your spine)
  • Toning muscle
  • Strengthening your core muscles
  • Better sleep
  • Increased flexibility and decreased stiffness
  • Decrease in muscle/back pain and soreness

Mental benefits:

  • Decrease in anxiety and stress levels and help with depression
  • Great mental focus and acuity
  • Calmer mind and greater sense of peace
  • Discovering who you are
  • Decreasing self-judgement and increasing self-love
  • Confidence to reach your goals and conquer your fears

This is a long list with big promises! How, you may ask, does yoga actually provide these benefits?

Yoga involves concentration and meditation, moving your body, stretching and engaging your muscles, deepening and extending breath, reflection on your life, taking risks, meeting challenges, facing fears, being diligent and encouragement to live principles such as non-judgement, honesty and contentment.

Photo by Clarke Crane