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“Amber has really helped me lose the post-pregnancy pounds that I wasn’t able to lose on my own. Through weekly weight management talks and yoga sessions I have felt empowered and have gained a much better understanding of my body. Because of distance and my busy family schedule, our sessions together are via Skype. My private lessons with her have been much more productive than just doing a yoga dvd, because she offers me variety every week and is able to critique my poses so I can get an even better stretch. Her program is entirely catered to me and my needs, and I am really seeing results.” -Angela
“Amber catered the class to what I wanted to work on! She did a great job at helping adapt the poses to my current level. It made me believe I can actually do yoga!” – Tara
 “I have always been really tense and not very flexible. I had only done yoga a time or two before and it was so intense that I didn’t really want to do it again. Amber though had a gentle way to ease me into it, focusing on poses that worked best for me. She helped me to see how to modify my routine to get real benefit from it. I can now touch my toes, my lower back pain has subsided and I feel more focused while at work.” – Ryan
“One thing I love about doing Yoga with Kick Stand Fit is the flexibility of being trainedvia Skype.  I have never liked to pay for Yoga classes when I know I will be out of town for vacation or business.  And, I am not motivated enough to do Yoga regularly on my 
own and when I have, I wasn’t sure if I was doing it correctly.  I love that Amber can see me and move at my pace in a personalized Yoga session each week.  It’s great that I don’t have to find child care or leave my home (I wouldn’t want others to see my Yoga anyway).  And best of all, in the last four months, I have done Yoga with Amber in Brazil, Arizona, Michigan, Indiana, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. I haven’t had to miss a single session and it’s great after flying to stretch and relax.” –Amber S.