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The Terms and Conditions of the Yoga Anywhere and Everywhere photo contest are:

Each participant is entitled to submit a maximum of 1 entry per day to to be considered for our competition. Submissions will be accepted by a post on the KickStandFit facebook page, Remember that in order to engage, you have to be our fan on facebook!

Photographers/Submitters must own all copyright in any image entered and all entries must be the photographer’s/submitter’s original work or be of the submitter and used with permission of the photographer. Copyright in all images submitted to the competition, including winning entries, will remain with the photographer. The contest is open to all photographers worldwide regardless of age.

Please no lewd, pornographic or offensive submissions. These will be deleted from the facebook page immediately.

The images will be used on the KickStand Fitness website- , Step Into Fitness Weekly Newsletter, and facebook page, to promote yoga, fitness and KickStand Fitness’ business for indefinite period of time. Photos will not be edited or changed in any way. The submitted images can be of any resolution as they will be displayed solely on the computer screen. However, the contestants should be able to provide 300ppi resolution files so we can produce a high quality image in case it is a winning image.

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