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I offer so many ways to make practicing yoga convenient for you!

With Yoga @ Home I come to you. You can schedule a private class in your home or invite up to 10 friends/family members to join you. We can also meet at a local park or local classroom you schedule. Everyone should have their own yoga mat and come in “work out” attire. I provide props (blocks, straps, blankets) for up to 6 people.

1 to 3 students                           $35/hour class; $8 for each extra student up to 10* students

I’m also excited to offer live Skype (Webcam) classes! If you live too far away to meet with me or want to schedule a class while you’re away or on your lunch-break then let’s Skype. This is a great option for those that want to squeeze some yoga into their busy schedule. All you need is a computer with internet connection and a webcam. This can be a private or group class. More details here.

1 to 3 students                           $35/hour class; $7 for each extra student up to 10 students

Another way to receive personalized yoga instruction is through my customized yoga routines. I can create a routine based on your interests that lasts anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour and a half. I offer written step by step routines, routines with illustrations/photos, or with a soundtrack or with video.

I offer corportate and on set yoga classes. This is mobile yoga where I come to you. I also offer yoga classes at work retreats and team building meetings. See details here.

Weight Management: 

Private consultation and week of coaching    $35

1- Initial Consultation:

You are given a initial consultation in which we talk about the your goals and what you hope to achieve, any concerns you have and your health history. You make your first weekly goal and follows up with your coach throughout the week.

2-Weekly visits:

We meet then meet on a weekly basis to review progress, discuss future goals and determine and adjust a program specifically suited to the you.

Optional meetings:

You can also choose to participate in private or group exercise classes with your coach or in group weight loss meetings.*

See rates page.

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