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The purpose of this program is for participants to lose weight by:

  • Educating themselves on health, nutrition and what works best for their bodies.
  • Keeping a series of daily journals
  • Gradually setting and meeting larger and larger goals
  • Holding themselves accountable to someone
  • Receiving support from a person that has achieved weight loss
  • Reflecting on their habits, lifestyle and anything that has brought them to this point

How it works:

1- Initial Consultation:

You are given a initial consultation in which we talk about your goals and what you hope to achieve, any concerns you have and your health history. You make your first weekly goal and follow up with your coach throughout the week.

2-Weekly visits:

We then meet on a weekly basis to review progress, discuss future goals and determine and adjust a program specifically suited to the you.

Optional meetings:

You can also choose to participate in private or group exercise classes with your coach or in group weight loss meetings.*

The Goal:

The goal of this program is steady and sustainable weight-loss. Fast results and dramatic weight-loss can be unsafe and impossible to maintain. We advocate knowledge and lifestyle changes as opposed to short term dramatic shifts in diet and physical exertion. No weight loss pills, shakes, diet food or expensive equipment will be required or encouraged. This program requires commitment and effort but shouldn’t be so difficult that it cannot be sustained or become a daily routine in your life for the long term.

*at an extra cost

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Payments made at the beginning of each session.