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Suggestions for your yoga practice:

  1. Wear clothing you can move and stretch in, jeans are not recommended.
  2. Have water with you.
  3. Use props to help you: yoga mat, towel/blanket, block, strap, bolster.
  4. Practice regularly, at least once a week or even daily. Even practicing for just 5 minutes a day can be beneficial, but taking 30 minutes to 90 minutes at a time will have the greatest benefits.
  5. Pick a location with few distractions and enough space to move around and preferably that has a wall to use for certain poses.
  6. Remember to use your breath as a tool. Take long inhales and exhales through your nose. Never hold your breath even if a pose is difficult.
  7. Also take time to meditate (focusing on just one thing or just sitting and being silent).
  8. Practicing with music can be relaxing, but taking time to be still and silent sometimes is important as well.

Remember that:

  • There is no such thing as the “perfect” pose. Function always come before form. Are you getting something out of the pose? If not, modify or adjust your body to meet your needs.
  • Pain is not gain. A pose can be challenging and may even be uncomfortable, but it should never be painful. Modify the pose to protect your knees, wrists, neck and back.
  • Silencing your inner critic can improve your experience.  There is no need to judge yourself harshly or compare yourself to others in your class. Let go of the concept of what you “should” be doing and just move your body! Every person’s body is different and some things will come more easily and naturally to one person than to another.
  • Yoga should be fun!