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Do I Need Yoga?

Ignore when answers are marked wrong. Just read the explanation below each question to see why yoga helps with that concern. A yes is worth one point, a no is worth 0.

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If your score was between 10-15 points drop everything and schedule a yoga lesson now! Contact me.

If your score was between 5-9 points a yoga practice could really improve the quality of your life. There is no use feeling stiff, sore, stressed or weak when you could do yoga and feel great more of the time!

If your score is between 1-4 points a yoga practice could be a great supplement/cross training to the activities you\’re doing now to be healthy.

If your score is 0 please tell me your secrets!!!!

How does Yoga help??? A yoga practice will improve your mental and physical health by calming your mind and moving your body. It’s as simple as that. Yoga emphasizes focused breathing, strength training, stretching, balance, moving your spine and body in a variety of new and balanced ways and taking the time to be still to let your mind quiet itself. Yoga can empower you, help you develop coping strategies for your life and teach you things about yourself you never knew. All poses can be modified to fit your specific abilities. They can be as easy or as difficult as you need them to be. The important thing is not how you look doing a pose, but how it makes you feel. Yoga is for anyone, anytime, anywhere! Let me help you get started with small group or one-on-one instruction. You can take the steps to improve you life.

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