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When I was choosing a name for this business I wanted something dynamic that would represent action and physical fitness, but also the balance and peace that can come from them. After weeks of brainstorming I saw the words ‘kicksand’ on a bumper sticker and it immediately made me think of the word ‘kickstand.’ Voila! What better word to imply balance and action!

KickStand Fitness has grown out of my desire to help people improve their entire lives by improving their bodies and their mental and emotional outlooks. I didn’t want a one-sided approach to fitness, but something that would look at the whole person. Being fit has given me more energy and peace of mind to lessen my stress levels, succeed at my job and relationships and discover the person I want to be.

Through my weight management and yoga programs my goal is to give you the support you need so you can achieve the fitness you want. If your goal is to lose weight, I can help you with that, or if it’s simply to increase your flexibility, I can help with that too. But along with those things you’ll gain more peace of mind and balance in your life to help you de-stress and be happy! I want to help you achieve the things you might not have thought possible!